After Sales Services

Posted by admin on March 15, 2023

After Sales Services

After completing the process of your Turkish property purchase, we offer services such as utility management, as well as the chance of working with interior designers for the mesmerizing touches to your luxury apartment in Turkey. We also offer to help during your moving process from your home country to your apartment in Turkey and obtain the required permits for citizenship and working

Utility Services Assistant

We are aware of what one’s needs may be when residing somewhere new. Therefore our real estate agents and consultant team also consider your utility needs beforehand. Our contacts with boutique companies are easy and quick for things to be done on your Turkish property. We will be helping you acquire telecommunication services, electrical utilities, natural gas, plumbing treatments, and available transportation services you could use in your residency in Turkey.

Architecture & Interior Design

We, as New World Houses, are known for our elite designs we used in properties in Turkey. Our architectural quality is distinctive when it’s combined with interior design looks. We take into consideration different themes and styles while assisting you in designing your house, and the luxurious lifestyle remains in every case. You will be fascinated when you see our furniture and decoration store in Istanbul, including luxurious and exclusive details. You will feel the premium quality in the house in Turkey with our collaboration.

Moving & Settlement to Turkey

From the beginning, we will provide you with every information about the region you buy your property and consider living in with your family taken into account. Schools, universities, healthcare institutions, transportation; everything will be planned and set before you arrive in Turkey and your property, in addition to the arrival of your goods and pets. It’s also one of our duties to help you build your lifestyle here. With the assistance of our team, you will be ready to enjoy your citizenship and lifestyle in Turkey.

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