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Posted by admin on March 15, 2023

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship

Visa-free travelling to 151 countries and opportunities to decrease the tax burden 


Investment amount

3–6 months

Obtaining period

5 years

Real estate investment return



The Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program is one of the newest in the Caribbean. It was launched in 2013.

Cosmopolitans can get citizenship by investing at least $100,000. There are four options: contributions to a state or university fund, real estate purchase

The property purchased to participate in the citizenship program can be sold five years later to return the money. The investor can also earn rental income during ownership.

Family members can obtain citizenship with the investor. The program allows the main applicant’s spouse, children, parents and siblings to participate.

Antigua and Barbuda offers a special investment option to families of six or more. They can contribute $150,000+ to the University of the West Indies Fund. Thus, a large family spends less than under any other Caribbean CBI program. One family member can enrol in the university and study for a year free of charge.

Investors must spend in Antigua and Barbuda at least 5 days within the first 5 years after obtaining citizenship.

Individual meeting


Help with the choice

Second citizenship helps register a business abroad, open a corporate bank account, avoid currency control restrictions and expedite money transfers. Some jurisdictions also do not reveal beneficiaries’ personal data, protecting the investor’s privacy.


Frequently Asked Questions About Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship:

The fastest path to an Antigua and Barbuda passport is participation in the country’s citizenship-by-investment program. Applicants acquire citizenship in 3—6 months in exchange for an investment of $100,000 or more

The program offers four investment options:

1. Non-refundable contribution to the National Development Fund of $100,000+.

2. Real estate purchase of $200,000+.

3. Contribution to the University of the West Indies Fund of $150,000+, only for families of 6+ members.

4. Business investments of $400,000+.

An investor pays a $30,000 state fee under each option except the contribution to the University of the West Indies Fund. Also, there is a Due Diligence fee for each participant over 12 years old, some other state duties and payments for legal services.

The costs depend on a family composition: the larger the family, the more they pay.

A family of four – the spouses and two children of 13 and 20 years old – will pay around $153,000, excluding fees for legal services.

Antigua and Barbuda passport holders travel visa-free to 150+ countries ,including the UK and the entire Schengen Area.

An Antigua and Barbuda passport is valid for 5 years investor must renew it. 

Do I need to travel to Antigua and Barbuda to complete the citizenship process?

Yes, Antigua and Barbuda allows its citizens to hold passports of other countries

Only married couples can participate in the program. The spouse must be of the opposite sex to the investor.

Actually, everything has stayed the same in the program in 2023. However, an important shift comes into force on July 1st. Since that day, the investors will be required to visit Antigua and Barbuda for 5 days again, as before the pandemic.

No licensed agent can guarantee a passport. You probably deal with scammers if you are offered a 100% guarantee.

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent of the Antigua and Barbuda CBI program with its own Compliance Department. We conduct a preliminary Due Diligence check to identify the rejection risks and find an alternative solution when necessary. As a result, most of our clients pass Due Diligence and obtain citizenship.

You can return the invested money if you have chosen a real estate purchase. The investor can

sell the property in 5 years. Moreover, the investor can also earn rental income during the 5- year ownership period. Some developers forecast rental income of 8% per annum.

The passport can be obtained remotely. However, you are usually required to visit the country for at least 5 days within 5 years after obtaining citizenship.

However, the rules have changed due to the pandemic. Investors don’t need to visit the country if the 5-year period expires before August 31st, 2022. The period may be extended if the epidemic situation in the world does not improve.

Yes, there are. The applicant pays government fees and fees for legal and administrative services. The amount depends on the specific situation, for example, the family composition. We can calculate the final cost for your family individually.

The most considerable fee is for the Due Diligence check. It costs $7,500 each for the investor and their spouse, $4,000 per adult family member and $2,000 per child 12 to 17 years old. Applicants also pay a passport fee and a bank charge of $600 per person.

No, you cannot. By law, only a licensed agent of the Antigua and Barbuda CBI program can apply for citizenship by investment on the investor’s behalf.

The investor can add additional eligible family members to the citizenship by investment application even after receiving the passport.

The eligible family members are:

.a new spouse;

.children and grandchildren under 17;


.spouses of the investor’s adult children provided that the children are financially dependent on the investor.

Additional family members have no time limits to join the CBI program.

However, there is a fee per family member joining the program later. It costs $50,000 to add

a spouse or a parent, $10,000 to add a child under 5 years old and $20,000 to add a child from 6 to 17 years old.

Antigua and Barbuda citizens can work in the USA only if they obtain a working visa. However, with a 10-year B-1/B-2 visitor visa, one can spend up to 180 days a year and attend business meetings.

No, Antigua and Barbuda passport holders can’t work in the UK without a working permit from the respective country.

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