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Posted by admin on March 15, 2023

Spain Golden Visa

Living by the sea and travelling across Europe without visas


Investment amount

5+ months

Obtaining period

5 years

Return of investment

The Spain Golden Visa Program was launched in 2013 to encourage wealthy foreigners to invest in local real estate, create jobs and purchase securities. 

Golden Visa applicants choose between six investment options. They can buy property, government bonds or shares of Spanish companies, deposit money in a Spanish bank, or invest in a business or units of investment funds. The minimum investment is €500,000.

Investors don’t have to take language and cultural exams. Besides, they are not required to live in Spain, and the law allows them to rent out the investment property.

The Golden Visa holder can return the investments after living in Spain for five years and obtaining permanent residence. A permanent resident can apply for citizenship after another five years of living in the country. However, there is a condition to give up the first passport.

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Second citizenship helps register a business abroad, open a corporate bank account, avoid currency control restrictions and expedite money transfers. Some jurisdictions also do not reveal beneficiaries’ personal data, protecting the investor’s privacy.


Frequently Asked Questions About Spain Golden Visa Citizenship:

Adult non-EU citizens with legal income may apply for the Spain Golden Visa. They can include family members in the application: spouses, children and parents.

The minimum investment amount is €500,000. With this amount, you can buy residential or commercial property in Spain.

You need to invest at least €1,000,000 in purchasing shares of Spanish companies or investment fund units. To get a Golden Visa for buying government bonds, you must invest twice as much – €2,000,000.

An investor can open a deposit account in a Spanish bank and transfer at least €1,000,000.

The law doesn’t establish the minimum investment in a business. At the same time, the investor’s business should create jobs and contribute to the region’s social, economic, scientific, and technological development.

Yes, you must buy one or several properties with a total value of €500,000 to qualify for the Golden Visa, which is a residence permit for investors.

The investor can return the money after obtaining permanent residence. To become a permanent resident, you must live in the country for over than five years.

The investment cannot be returned if the investor does not plan to move to Spain but wants to maintain the residence permit status. 

Yes, you do. Personal presence is required for fingerprinting and collecting residence permit cards.

You may stay in Spain while your residence permit is valid. However, Golden Visa holders mustn’t relocate to the country to retain residency status.

Yes, you can live in Spain for as long as your Golden Visa is valid. The first Golden Visa is issued

for three years and can be extended for another five years.

The first Spain residence permit is issued for three years, and the following ones are valid for five years.

You must pay taxes when purchasing investment real estate. Property buyers pay a transfer tax and associated fees, like stamp duty.

After getting a Golden Visa, you will have to pay taxes in Spain only if you become the country’s tax resident, start receiving income from Spanish sources, or run a business there.

To become a Spanish citizen, you must live in the country for more than 10 years as a resident and pass two exams to prove your knowledge of the Spanish language and the country’s cultural and legal life. In addition, you will have to give up your first citizenship.

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