Legal Services

Posted by admin on March 15, 2023

Legal Services

When it comes to the legal services that New World Houses provide you about your Turkish citizenship and investment idea, there are legal consultants and attorneys ready to help to ease the legal process. We will assist you in finding the best-suited banks and consultants for you to work with regarding your fund transfers into the country.

Legal Administrative & Tax Consultancy

Every economical step should be taken into account while you are investing in a country that is not your hometown. we provide you with our certified accounts and consulting services in the most trustable way possible for a tax corporation. Our purpose is to provide you with support with nothing missing.

Banking & Fund Transfer

Our agents will be assisting you in choosing the right local and international banks, opening an account in the local branch, and transferring the funds. For every possible investment and the citizenship process in Turkey, you need a bank account that is based in Turkey or an international bank account. Our team of real estate agents will take your fund transferring process seriously.

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