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Posted by admin on March 15, 2023

Malta Citizenship

living in the European Union and travelling around the world


 Investment amount

1 or 3 years

Obtaining period

5 years

Return of the investment



Investors may apply for Malta citizenship for exceptional services by direct investment. The minimum investment is €690,000. The conditions include the following:

  1. A contribution to the National Development and Social Fund of €600,000+.
  2. A charitable donation of €10,000.
  3. Renting real estate for 5 years for €16,000 annually or purchasing one for €700,000.


Citizenship for exceptional services is acquired by naturalisation. First, investors get Malta residency and maintain the status for 1 or 3 years; only then may they apply for a passport. 

Foreigners can become Maltese citizens if they pass a strict Due Diligence check and fulfil the conditions stipulated by the law.

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Second citizenship helps register a business abroad, open a corporate bank account, avoid currency control restrictions and expedite money transfers. Some jurisdictions also do not reveal beneficiaries’ personal data, protecting the investor’s privacy.


Frequently Asked Questions About Malta Citizenship:

Only investments related to buying real estate can be returned. Property purchased for €750,000 can be sold for a profit after 5 years, as real estate in Malta is constantly increasing in value

All family members aged 12 years or older must pass the Eligibility Test. It is similar to Due Diligence used all over the world.

No one can guarantee that your application for Malta citizenship will be accepted. Moreover, if a company claims that the guarantee is 100%, you probably deal with scammers Learn about how to avoid scammers when obtaining second citizenship

It is impossible to apply for Malta citizenship without a licensed agent. Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent authorized to assist applicants in preparing and submitting documents. The Maltese government licence is No. AKM-IMIN-22.

The minimum required investment is €690,000. The sum includes non-refundable contributions to the National Development Fund and a non-governmental organisation and the cost of renting real estate. We discuss the costs in detail in our article “How to get Malta citizenship”

Yes, you can. There are six main paths to Malta citizenship:

1. Standard naturalisation. In this case, a foreigner must live in Malta permanently for at least seven years. In addition, an applicant for citizenship must pass exams in the Maltese or English language and the country’s history and law. The list of required documents includes written confirmation that several Maltese citizens vouch for the applicant.

2. Marriage to a Maltese citizen. Citizenship application becomes available after five years of marriage. During this time, spouses don’t have to live in Malta permanently.

3. Family reunification is suitable for those who have close relatives among Maltese citizens. Parents, grandparents and siblings count.

4. Maltese ancestry must be proven with documents. In this case, citizenship is granted without getting a residence permit, passing exams and residing in the country before application.

5. Political asylum or refugee status. Refugees must prove that their life is in danger or they are discriminated against in their country of origin. Citizenship can be obtained after six years of living in Malta.

6. Exceptional services. In this case, the passport is granted by the Maltese President personally to scientists, artists, sportsmen, businessmen, and politicians. There are no fixed criteria for this category.

Investors must take the following steps immediately after their citizenship application is approved:

  • Rent or buy a residential property in Malta.
  • Get an architect’s report stating the market value of the rented or purchased property.
  • Get or renew health insurance before obtaining a passport.
  • Sign an Annual Compliance Form during the first 5 years of citizenship. The form confirms compliance with the conditions attached to their certificate of naturalisation.

Yes, newborn children of Maltese citizens are also entitled to this status.

To get a Malta passport for a child, parents must apply for registration in the Public Registry. You’ll need to submit the child’s original birth certificate with an apostille and the marriage certificate.

Then, you may apply for a passport for the child in a consulate or visit Malta and submit documents there. Both parents must be present. One of them may apply themselves if only they have been given a permit by another parent in the presence of the consul.

Malta citizenship by naturalisation for exceptional services by direct investment requires residency for 1 or 3 years.

The procedure requires additional time to get a police clearance, a residence permit and final approval, to fulfil the investment conditions and to receive passports. Usually, these steps take several months.

Yes, an applicant must visit Malta to get the status.

Investors get Malta citizenship by naturalisation, which means they must live in the country for a decent time with a residence permit. Also, applicants must pass some procedures in person, such as applying for residency, submitting biometrics, taking the Oath of Allegiance and receiving passports.

Yes, Malta allows its citizens to have multiple citizenships. A person may be required to choose one citizenship only if it’s the rule in another country.

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