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Posted by admin on March 15, 2023

Turkiye Citizenship

travelling and going on business trips
to 100+ countries without visas


 Investment amount

6—8 months

Obtaining period

3 years

 Investment return

The Turkish citizenship by investment program is one of the most popular ones among investors.

Cosmopolitans can obtain second citizenship by investing $400,000+ in the country’s economy. There are five options available: purchase of real estate or units of an investment fund or bonds and opening of a deposit in a Turkish bank.

The purchase of real estate is the most demanded option. Real estate prices grow by 15 to 25% per year in Turkey. As a result, home sales to investors grew by 43.5% in 2021.

Family members such as a spouse and children can get second citizenship in Turkey along with the investor.

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Second citizenship helps register a business abroad, open a corporate bank account, avoid currency control restrictions and expedite money transfers. Some jurisdictions also do not reveal beneficiaries’ personal data, protecting the investor’s privacy.


Frequently Asked Questions About Turkish Citizenship:

Yes, you can obtain Turkey citizenship by investing in real estate. The minimum cost of your objects must be $400,000.


Investors may purchase residential or commercial properties and land plots. Shares are not allowed. After three years, the object may be sold, but the buyer won’t be able to apply for Turkey citizenship.

Obtaining Turkey citizenship by investment typically takes 6-8 months.


Usually, the longest stage is Due Diligence – a check that is conducted to ensure that applicants fit the program’s requirements. It may take 2-4 months.

No one can guarantee that you will obtain citizenship by investment. Moreover, if a company claims a 100% guarantee, you probably deal with scammers.

Immigrant Invest has a Compliance Department. We conduct a preliminary check of applicants to identify the risk of rejection and find solutions to possible problems. Thanks to this, most of our clients successfully pass Due Diligence and get citizenship.

Choose the option with a purchase of the real estate. The property can be sold after 3 years, and the money returned.


As long as the investor owns the property, they can receive income from renting real estate. Some developers predict rental yield at 8% per annum in US dollars. The investor pays a capital gains tax of 35% on the rental income.

Turkish passports by investment are obtained remotely. The investor and their family members do not take language proficiency tests or history exams. There are no requirements to reside in Turkey.

No, only a licensed program agent can apply on behalf of an investor by law.

Together with the investor, their spouse and minor children under 18 years old can participate in the investment program. It is also possible to get a residence permit for parents of the investor or their spouse, as well as for children over 18 years old.

The fee for a residence permit under the investor program is $5,000 per person. One can apply for a residence permit simultaneously with the investor’s application for citizenship or after the investor has received a Turkish passport.

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